Chase Lake students tour, learn about Puget Sound

May 09, 2019
Courtesy of: Chase Lake Elementary Chase Lake third-graders onboard the Spirit of ’76.

On April 11, third-grade classes from Chase Lake Elementary School in Edmonds went on a pretty amazing field trip.

“We are so fortunate to have received a full scholarship for the Marine Science Afloat program,” third-grade teacher Merrily Klein said. “What an amazing opportunity for our students. We drove to downtown Seattle, boarded the Spirit of ’76 and motored out to the Alki area.”

Klien and her students were joined by marine biologists, watershed experts, and professional divers.

While on board, students were inspired by learning about the Puget Sound area, from how it was formed to all about its delicate ecosystem.

Students participated in science experiments on the water they collected. They used special nets to capture hundreds of creatures, from one-celled organisms to wild-looking plankton. Students also had a hands-on experience in the microscope lab, investigating and observing the critters they caught.

“While eating lunch, we explored the depths of Puget Sound through a live underwater video, communicating with the divers as they walked along the sea floor,” Klein said. “The divers brought up many animals which were set out on display tables. Students experienced what it’s like to hold them in your hands, learning not only about the animals, but good stewardship and environmental awareness.

“It was a phenomenal experience, one which will be remembered throughout their lives.”

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