Charges and counter-charges mark campaigns

Oct 31, 2013


I urge citizens to join me in supporting Ron Wambolt for City Council. I moved to Edmonds in 2001 when my late husband, David Stern, accepted the job as Edmonds Police Chief.

I see in Mr. Wambolt many of the same qualities that my husband possessed: namely, the highest integrity and ethics, being extremely knowledgeable about the critical issues facing our community, and a true investment in the well-being of Edmonds and its citizens.

This is in contrast to his opponent Adrienne Fraley-Monillas who lacks integrity and ethics for among the following reasons:

She asserted that she would “never vote to cut police.” In fact, when three police officers were proposed to be eliminated from the 2013 budget, she did not advocate retaining them, and failed to propose a budget amendment to do so.

She misrepresented that she voted to save Edmonds’ taxpayers $200,000 for police services to Woodway when in fact no such vote ever occurred.

She misappropriated city funds by billing the city and accepting payment for three Snohomish County Health Board meetings that did not occur, and offered no explanation for the misappropriation.

She lied in her most recent mailer about Mr. Wambolt’s written position on building heights. Mr. Wambolt’s position is available in the Oct.17 edition of the Beacon, and his Oct. 26 response to the mailer is available on My Edmonds News.

She illegally used a copyrighted photograph in her mailer without the owner’s permission.

These examples, among many others, demonstrate why the citizens cannot afford four more years of Ms. Fraley-Monillas.

When Mr. Wambolt was previously on the City Council, he worked with Chief Stern to promote funding for police services in our community.

My husband had the highest respect for Mr. Wambolt’s work ethic, preparedness, and willingness to listen to citizens and be responsive to their concerns, as do I.

Ron Wambolt is the councilmember Edmonds needs to represent us for the next four years. I urge you to join me in voting for Ron Wambolt.

Darlene Stern


Because of the number of allegations made in this letter, and the short time left before election day, we felt it would be fair to let Adrienne Fraley-Monillas comment. Her response follows. –Ed.


It is unfortunate that Mr. Wambolt has found it necessary to misinform the citizens of Edmonds and has resorted to a series of slanderous attacks.

Here are the facts:

In order to avoid cuts in police services I supported Chief of Police Al Compaan, and Mayor Dave Earling in their proposal to allow voluntary separation incentives for two officers.  The third position was simply covered under the Snohomish County Sherriff's Office and the Edmonds School District.   I did not cut police services.

The vote to subsidize police services for Woodway certainly did occur.  While Mr. Wambolt does not feel it is necessary for Woodway to pay the same rates as Edmonds' citizens, I certainly do.

The allegations regarding $150 in misappropriated funds is the worst example of political mudslinging.  The funds were reimbursed over a year ago and our council administrative assistant has already submitted an explanation of the accounting error.

In regards to the photographer whose work was used in my latest mailer.  The fact is that he was paid in full, in a timely manner.  Once again, Mr. Wambolt’s grasping at straws.

This is all to distract voters from the real issues.  When Mr. Wambolt was on the council, and chair of the finance committee, the city reported a deficit of $4.8 million.  Since taking over on the council I have fought to put our fiscal house back in order.  We are now working with a surplus, and the size of our general fund has nearly doubled.  Finally, we can restore some of the deep cuts made during the Wambolt years.

On building heights, Mr. Wambolt has made his position very clear.  All heights outside of the BD1 zone are up for grabs.  This means everything outside a two-block radius of the fountain.  Conveniently leaving the view from Mr. Wambolt's house unharmed.  This position is not surprising considering many of his top donors have a special interest in increased heights.

Mr. Wambolt may not want the voters see my latest mailer, but facts are facts.

Adrienne Fraley-Monillas

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