“Chaotic wind velocities associated with the rotating turbine blades triggers the doppler radar mesocyclone detection algorithm”

By steven d keeler | Nov 08, 2013
Courtesy of: Mike Smith Enterprises Blog Unintended Consequences from the rush to be Green


While driving to Norman, OK recently I saw the newest "wind farm" to the west of Interstate 35 southwest of Tonkawa. Wind farms show up as bright ground clutter on weather radars and here it is, see above.


Vestas Blades manufacturing facility in Windsor, CO have been using WeatherCall Enterprise for several years. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot more about the wind energy industry from the inside which I found to be pretty disappointing. Each of the turbines cost between $1-$1.5 million which makes the ROI to be in the area of 10-12 years per unit. This doesn't include the cost of maintenance which is extremely expensive. In addition, (don't act too surprised now), they generate a lot of static electricity while turning, and therefore attract lightning which adds to the cost of maintaining them. They are using lightning monitoring to know when to take them off-line sooner to prevent strikes (and when they're offline, they're not generating product). Without significant government subsidies, this clean energy alternative cannot sustain itself. I wish it weren't so, but the math simply doesn't add up. And yes, the taxpayers are left holding the bag on this.




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