Changes coming to Edmonds Art Walk

Feb 17, 2014

The Downtown Edmonds Merchants Association or ‘DEMA’ (a committee of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce) is announcing that Edmonds Art Walk, which occurs every third Thursday, will be placed on hold effective in March.

This event, which is owned by DEMA has been a very popular event, however, recent developments have led to a decision to retool the event. For the next few months there will not be a formal Art Walk, although some business may continue to sponsor artists.

During this transition DEMA welcomes community input on Edmonds Art Walk and requests that any comments or ideas be sent to

DEMA wishes to thank Jeff Stilwell and Manya Schilperoort of MaJe Gallery for their contributions to Edmonds Art Walk over the years.

DEMA looks forward to more great third Thursday events in the future and more information regarding next steps will be provided in the coming weeks.

The Downtown Edmonds Merchants Association (DEMA) is an independent unincorporated association of merchants in downtown Edmonds and its operations are supported by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce through a committee structure providing assistance for DEMA activities.

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Posted by: Tere Ryder | Feb 18, 2014 08:53

It is a scary thought that a Chamber of Commerce and DEMA (who would have thought a “subcommittee” of a Chamber of Commerce could be needed in this small town of 39,000) will be the deciders on what they (business people tending to think it is only about $$$, which has NOTHING to do with real art) think is constructive for the art community that exists in Edmonds…….

“This event which is owned by DEMA”……(Edmonds Art Walk)… this for REAL or what!??…….If the Chamber of Commerce and it’s side-kick DEMA think they actually “own” an Art Walk (which wouldn’t even be POSSIBLE without the ARTIST’S ART!, artists and sensitive people like Jeff Stilwell and Manya……Perhaps the artists in Edmonds should conjure up their own art walk, art sit, ART OCCUPY (the last being my favorite)……..Through history a lot of great art has come from radical artists defying the “establishment”…….

I’ve heard so many times since I moved here 4 years ago, “It’s about BUSINESS, Tere”……The “business” part is what is keeping Edmonds from becoming a known, THRIVING, LIVING art community……

Any artist out there feeling like getting radical about their art (plenty of those in Art History) or having their own ART ABOUT TOWN, outside/inside/upsidedown, whatever! WHEREever……and making this a noted art town, give me a call. I have ideas!

I just hear the word “retool”…….and I’m ready to “retool” something for ART, not for business.

and I think the citizens of Edmonds that would really like to continue to have an Edmonds that is about ART (and celebrates art people like Manya and Jeff) should BOYCOTT the “retool” by the Chamber and DEMA-SCHMEMA.

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