Challenging an assertion | Letter

Feb 26, 2017

I totally disagree with your column (“Difficult questions must be asked,” Feb. 16) about your poorly conceived survey question asking, “Do you support churches welcoming the gay community?”

The Beacon’s position as stated is “difficult question must be asked.” I challenge this assertion. It is not at all a difficult question; in fact, it is a simplistic question designed to create controversy and division, not healthy public discourse.

There is only one answer to the question that does not invoke anger and divisiveness, and everyone knows this. So, what are you trying to provoke with this question?

I reject the idea that hate and fear-driven attitudes that lead to exclusion, discrimination, oppression, and persecution, have a place in our discourse as an “alternative opinion.”

To suggest such opinions and ideas should be equally weighted and given equal community consideration is to suggest they are not what they are: bigotry and hatred, driven by fear and ignorance. This is wholly unacceptable. Hate is hate. It has no place in our society.

I hope the Beacon rethinks its “position” as being the overseer of “difficult questions” because you are way off base with your logic and thinking on this one.

I’d prefer to have a local media source facilitate healthy public discourse and the sharing of differing opinions without the false equivalency of validating ideas and attitudes of hate and fear and calling them “difficult issues.”

Leslie Brown


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