Celebrating 65 years of marriage

By Janice Gear | Aug 30, 2017
Courtesy of: Janice Gear Kirsten and George Eide recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. They marked the occasion in grand style.

Every year since they married, the Eides of Edmonds do something special to celebrate their marriage.

This year, for their 65th anniversary, Kirsten slipped on her wedding gown and George threw on his tux. It was a few years ago that they started wearing their wedding attire down to Anthony's to celebrate. Of course, the sight of the two always made for great conversations with staff and patrons.

This year, their son Dan, a pastor, performed a vow renewal. They arrived in the States from Norway. Kirsten was18, and had lived way above the Arctic Circle. George grew up in a warmer climate farther south.

Kirsten and George met while he was at a tuberculosis sanatorium. Kirsten paid him a visit, as he wasn't expected to live – sanatorium workers thought it would be comforting to have a visitor from the old country.

They have been together ever since that first, fateful meeting and, after several years of being ill, George made it out of the sick ward and fully recovered.

They Eides moved to Edmonds in 1962 and built their home they still live in to this day.

“I praise the Lord for George,” Kirsten said. “Marriage gets better over the years, especially after you are finished raising the kids.”







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