Canine conundrum at the market

By Brian Soergel | Jul 14, 2016

The most talked-about story in the Edmonds Beacon last week had the following headline: “Doggies continue to plague the market.”

I confess.

I wrote that headline with tongue in cheek, substituting “doggie” for the more formal “dog.” The caption under a photo of two dogs at the market extended the cheekiness: “Happy and innocent dogs continue to descend on the Edmonds Summer Market, violating policy.”

My point was to poke some fun at the Edmonds Historical Museum, which puts on the market and began its doggie (see?) ban in 2012.

No one seems to follow the ban, and no one seems to enforce it.

The comments flew in: “What a horrible headline!” wrote Heather Kelly of Edmonds. “Plague the market, eh? I'm glad to see dogs at the market. They are part of the community, too. I've been attending the market since 2012, and every dog and dog owner I've seen at the market has been responsible and respectful to others.”

You can read Kelly’s full letter in the Letters to the Editor section on this page.

AIyssa Austin agreed with Kelly, as did others on the Beacon’s Facebook page.

“I agree this is a horrible headline,” Austin wrote. “Poor choice of words. I had always thought Edmonds was super dog friendly. You always see everyone out with their dogs on sunny days and bowls in front of some of the businesses, so when the market stopped allowing dogs I was super confused.

“A lot of markets in other towns allow dogs, so maybe if people are coming from out of town to spend the day in our wonderful community they don't plan on the fact that their pups won't be allowed to walk the market as well. I am with you: Stop with all these ridiculous rules.”

“I wish I could walk with my dog closer to the water on the right side of the ferry landing, but see the no dogs sign,” Teresa Rohlin chimed in. “I am a responsible pet owner. I think Edmonds should allow people with pets to access common areas outside. If people don't keep theirs pets on leashes and don't clean up after them, then they could be fined.”

Jason Edens says the city should chill. “I support responsible owners and well-heeled dogs at the market. Lighten up, Edmonds.”

Kristin Zoller Kohorst lives in Mukilteo and enjoys coming down to Edmonds’ market.

“We're allowed to bring our dogs into the farmers market; Everett is the same,” Zoller said. “It's casual, and like your picture shows, dogs and people enjoy the market together. Honestly, I take my dog everywhere and I wouldn't leave him in a hot car to shop at the market. I just wouldn't go. It's too bad Edmonds has this rule in place.”

“Let people who hate dogs shop elsewhere, and keep the dogs and dog lovers coming to the Edmonds Market instead," Jennifer Benson wrote. “People who visit from out of town, who bring their dogs, can't leave their dogs in the car on warm summer days, so the market will lose business.

“I've been confronted many times at Edmonds events, even though my dogs are service dogs. So. Not. OK. Because of these dog haters’ attitudes, I rarely go to the market or other Edmonds events anymore. Edmonds has lost its welcoming attitude. Sad.”

From NaShea Ridgeway: “As the article says, leave your child at home, because you can't keep a constant eye on it, and all children and pets are just a nuisance damaging vendors’ property and ruining other people’s days. Oh, wait.

“What it said was one single animal ‘threatened,’ whatever that means, one single child one time, and there was a massive overreaction. Shut up. This is the worst part about America, the incessant need to blow things out of proportion. Farmers markets are for people who like to get out and enjoy their communities and their families, which includes their pets – and their children. I love seeing dogs at the market.”

Nicole Abramson said the no dogs rule may change her mind about spending money in Edmonds.

“We brought our dogs last weekend not knowing about the rule. We ate off to the side and then did a quick browse of the market. Would have loved to linger and spend more money, but oh well. We will go to dog-friendly markets in the future. We'd rather enjoy the day with our dogs then give the Edmonds farmers market our money.”

Rick Buyce was the lone dissenter: “I don't mind not seeing dogs at the market. It’s nice to not get jumped on or step in poop. Granted it may be more of an owner problem, but …”



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