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Apr 28, 2017

The letter to the editor by Ray Dimino ("Café Louvre does good in the community," April 20) completely missed the point of your insightful article on ASCAP and Edmonds Tunes.

The Beacon wrote a surprising and informative article on ASCAP's hard-line collection tactics and their effect on both the local music scene and businesses that support that scene. What the owners of Café Louvre do in their spare time or whether they “support local artists” is beside the point of that reporting.

The Beacon did not set out to write a profile or expose of the owners of Café Louvre and certainly did not make them sound like the bad guys. For all we know, Marc Angel, the ASCAP representative mentioned in the article, mends the broken wings of baby birds in his spare time.

But would that excuse his organization’s tactics? Of course not. Likewise, whatever else the owners of Café Louvre do outside their business does not change the fact that they chose (or felt forced) to end one of the more entertaining and enjoyable public music events in our area.

Bob Zborowski of Edmonds Tunes put on a wonderful event for the people of Edmonds – an event that he put on free of charge, I hasten to add. He brought in so many talented songwriters and performers (of which he is one), and was such an engaging and warm host for the event.

He made us feel welcome and made us laugh. We looked forward to Edmonds Tunes every week. Here's hoping another Edmonds business steps up and gives Zborowski's event a new home.

Let's keeps this great Edmonds tradition alive!

Jane Swanson


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