Café Louvre does good in the community | Letter

Apr 21, 2017

Disappointed in your article regarding music ending at Cafe Louvre (“Tuned out, turned off: Publishing squabble ends the music at Café Louvre,” April 13).

It appears that the writer, with his background in the music industry, is portraying the owners Nabil and Haifa as "the bad guys," not cooperating with licensing fees and ASCAP. Bob Zborowski seems to have been quoted 70 percent of the article.

It would be wise for a reporter to be more comprehensive in understanding the owners of Cafe Louvre, who have been dedicated to the city and bringing an atmosphere of community. There is no mention of their giving, services and goodwill.

Next time an article is written about Cafe Louvre, highlight Nabil and Haifa's integrity, friendliness, going the extra mile for their customers and especially enhancing the downtown art community. They have been doing this for over six years!

Ray Dimino
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Posted by: Vivian C Murray | Apr 22, 2017 16:49

I wholeheartedly agree with Ray.


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