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We’ve had some major losses in Edmonds
By Nathaniel Brown | Mar 31, 2013


Last week I found myself in the parking lot at Home Depot, looking for a number of odds-and-ends I needed at home and in the garden.

I was halfway to the front door when the light came on: we have a new hardware store in Edmonds!  Back into the car, back to Edmonds.

Edmonds Hardware and Paint is easy to miss, perched as it is on top of Old Milltown.

Nor does it look like a going concern: a small front door opens into a very small “reception area” – but once you turn the corner you find a great hometown-sized hardware store with just about everything you could want or need.

I found everything I was looking for, plus the usual several things I didn’t know I was looking for – and the staff were enormously friendly and helpful.

We’ve had some major losses in Edmonds: anyone remember Crow Hardware?  More recently we’ve lost Petosa’s and Mainstreet Hamburgers.

At least part of the reason has been that many of us – I include myself – have gotten into the habit of patronizing the Big Box Stores.

Granted, some of the Big Box Stores have things the smaller places don’t – but nothing matches the service or convenience of having good, well-run, friendly local stores.

We need to make a point of supporting them – buy local, support local initiative – and help preserve the small cadre of essential “household use” stores in Edmonds.

They won’t survive without your help and mine.  And they’re great places to shop!

Buy local, support and promote an Edmonds as convenient as it is friendly and beautiful!

Go check out Edmonds Hardware and Paint – and try the pickles!


Nathaniel Brown

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