Budget talks are perfect time for citizen input

Oct 17, 2013


During the Oct 1 City Council meeting, the mayor rolled out an $89 million budget proposal.

For the first time in many years there is room in the budget for, let’s call it, discretionary spending. In this case, that means a little extra.

This is a perfect time for citizen involvement, and this is the time for those of you who can do it to start following the council.

You can do so by watching live on Channel 21 or by going to the city web site under Government and clicking on EdTV. Oh, or by showing up in the council chambers at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Soon the mayor’s office will print the preliminary budget. You can get it online or pick a copy up at city hall.

During my doorbelling for my favorite candidate, Ron Wambolt, I ran across some of you that had one or another issue on how the City was spending our money.

A group up in Emerald Hills is totally against the Five Corners roundabout, but none of you showed up for either of the public hearings to voice your concern.

Another group had concerns about a proposed development up in Blue Ridge and didn't show up during any meeting to object or make your concerns heard.

A lot of residents in the Meadowdale area want to know when their roads are going to be fixed. Well folks, this is a perfect time to start paying attention.

I want all of you to know one thing loud and clear. The Edmonds City Council is delighted when citizens attend the meetings; they pay particular attention to people who speak under audience comments other then the few of us who always have something to say.

Over and over again the council has been swayed by just one person with a point of view or a concern that merited their attention.

That is really democracy in action. If you don't get involved, then you have no right to complain about the outcome.

Almost 100 percent of the people I have talked with love living in Edmonds. Mayor Earling is highly regarded in all areas, the council not so much. Be sure to vote friends; your vote counts.

Dave Page


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