‘Budget billing’ is customer-friendly service

Dec 31, 2013

Director of Finance, Alderwood Water District:

SNOPUD & PSE can set up their customers on “budget billing” – a very helpful practice for their customers because the customer can then be more “in control” when it comes to their household budgeting.

Knowing the exact amount of the “out go” makes it a lot easier to budget than “guessing” what the billing statement will present them with every two months.

The practice of paying half the bill when it arrives, then paying the second half 30 days later is not the answer for the customer’s budgeting process.

Understandably, whatever the software you use for billing would have to be “upgraded” – probably something that should have been done years ago – and no doubt, some of that cost would be passed on to the customer; a small price to pay to have the convenience of a “budget billing system” like the other utilities (gas and electric) do for their customers.

I think it is way past the time for the Alderwood Water District to have implemented such a system.  Do the right thing for all your water district customers and implement a budget billing option.

Carl Smith


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