Broken street light a hazard

Feb 05, 2014


Since before Christmas, I have been trying to get someone's attention because the street light at the intersection of 7th Avenue N and Main, which is a three-way crosswalk serving the Anderson Center and Library, is not working.

I have contacted PUD on three occasions, visited the Edmonds city offices twice, asked the police for help – and the street light remains out.

This is a significant pedestrian and vehicular public safety problem, and no one seems interested in addressing the need for a functioning street light.

Numerous parents and children use the three crosswalks to access the Anderson Center and the library.

From early evening to dawn, this is a dangerous area to cross because vehicles are attempting to go through or turn at those intersections, while pedestrians are trying to do the same.

Without this intersection street light functioning, it is even more dangerous. Cars often slow down but do not stop, and pedestrians are wary to even cross. Can you help?

Dennis Landry


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