Broken bottles, dog poop doesn’t belong on sidewalks | Letter

Mar 31, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Rant to the dolt who left the broken bottle in the parking lot of the Edmonds Senior Center. Kudos for the broom and dust pan from the center to clean up your mess. How thoughtless of you.

Rant to the dogs owners who fail (miserably) to pick up after your furry pals. The Chamber of Commerce office and other sidewalks are meant for everyone without the essence and mess on our shoes.

Wake up and smell the responsibility.

Rave to everyone for taking the time and consideration to keep our town neat and inviting. Thanks, everyone. Gratitude and appreciation to our unsung volunteers, too. WE RATE!

I found a bluetooth on March 24. I imagine the owner would like it back.


Francine Cohen,




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