Bring on the whipped cream | Letter

Mar 13, 2017

IGA, I sadly say goodbye to you.

I just don’t comprehend a little town without a grocery store. Great motivation for you, IGA store, to get out and take a walk, pick up a Beacon newspaper and a few grocery items, maybe one of those deli and chicken breasts.

Do we need two hardware stores in Edmonds? I’m still pretty impressed with the one I’ve shopped at for years, behind Milltown.

Mr. Helpful Hardware Man at ACE, please encourage the new store with whipped cream, avocados, orange juice, some of our favorite stuff. And thanks for all you special people moving on. We’ll miss you.

Sorry to see you go, IGA.

Linda Danielson


Editor’s note: Good news, Linda. The new store, which hopes to open in early spring, will keep its deli, thanks to popular demand. Not sure about the whipped cream.


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