Break ties with Propeller before it’s too late | Letter

Apr 07, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Brett Smith, the CEO of Propeller Airports and Allegiant Airlines business partner, is holding Paulding County, Ga., hostage right now [“Alaska Airlines ‘keenly interested’ in Paine Field,” Edmonds Beacon, page 16, March 17]. He has defaulted on his payments to the county, leaving taxpayers to hold the bag for his air terminal.

It’s about to happen here, but Snohomish County is asking to be ripped off instead of fighting it like the good people of Georgia! Sea-Tac north is a coming. Mukilteo is the new Burien.

Visit the Facebook group Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion for more information.

Drop the folks of Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion a line and ask them how Smith sneaked into a county council meeting and put copies of one of Stop Paulding County Airport Expansion member’s bankruptcy proceedings on each chair. He was caught on videotape doing it.

Next time you interview Brett, ask him if he told Paulding County that he would pay his rent, if they capitulated to his demands to start service for Allegiant immediately. It’s all true.

Or ask how Brett secretly signed a deal with a corrupt county council (all of which has been voted out) to build a terminal, but forgot to do any environmental reviews. Then whined when the court ordered him to do them.

Smith is not the kind of person we should be partnering with.


Scott Teerink,



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