Brad and Nick and Mike, Oh My!

By John McAlpine | Jul 20, 2013
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Brad and Nick and Mike, Oh My!

By; Obnoxious John



About every 60 days or so, I get the urge to blog. At my age, I'm pretty much grateful for any urge that comes my way.


When we last met (May 19th) the M's didn't have Brad Miller or Nick Franklin or Mike Zunino. The Mariners were not doing so well and I was full of advice and ideas on how to change that. None of my advice or ideas included Msrs. Miller, Franklin and Zunino but still I was full of it. Ideas and advice I mean.


It seems, and in baseball seems is a powerful word, the addition of these young fellows has had a positive effect on the overall performance of the team. However, lest we get too carried away, realize they have fewer major league at bats combined this year than Kyle Seager who himself has only been in the bigs about a year and half.


So it's really too soon to tell if the future of the team is set with the addition of Brad and Nick and Mike, Oh My! But imagine if you will a Northwest version of the longtime Detroit Tiger combination of Alan Trammel and Lou Whittaker. They held down their positions for close to 20 years and anchored a team that gave Detroit fans a reason to pay attention to the pennant race year in and year out.


Also the Mariners have been lacking behind the plate since the end of the Dan Wilson era and Zunino has demonstrated he has the defensive skills required to play at this level. We can only hope he has some pop in his bat. That would be icing on the cake.



Now get out there and take one for the team!

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