Box buildings are going up | Letter

Jul 10, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

“This did not happen under my watch…”

“I ran on no taller buildings and those buildings have not gone any taller.”

“Edmonds has not gotten taller.”

This is what Council President Buckshnis wrote after she was the swing vote that changed Edmonds building code so that taller box buildings can be built in Edmonds.

The code use to be that above 25 feet had to be modulated. Now a building can go up to 30 feet as a box.

The actual language that is new in code states, “an additional five feet of building height – increasing the overall building height to a maximum of 30 feet.”

So Mrs. Buckshnis can say she didn’t vote for taller buildings, but the people of Edmonds can see it right before their eyes: a box in downtown Edmonds.

For my 14 years on council, we always opposed the idea of taller box buildings in downtown.

Then in an April 23, 2013 meeting of council, Mrs. Buckshnis – after being told in a council meeting this new language would lead to taller buildings in Edmonds - was the swing vote on a 4-3 vote to take out modulation and replace it with taller box language.

She was asked about her vote and she said, “This did not happened on my watch,” “…buildings have not gone any taller.” Then look at the box proposed for downtown Edmonds.

Welcome to the new downtown Edmonds of box building apartments. But don’t worry according to Diana Buckshnis, “this did not happen” what you will see is not really taller or a box even if it looks like that to you.


Michael Plunkett



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