Biology test too easy

Mar 06, 2014


I would like to bring to your attention a student's opinion on the recently added graduation requirement for high school, the biology end-of-course exam.

I am a sophomore and am currently attending Meadowdale High School.

I took the biology end-of-course exam (EOC for short) spring time, last school year.

After taking the test and getting a relatively good feel for the difficulty of the test, I feel that the test is too easy.

It is not an accurate portrayal of the biology curriculum, and is therefore pointless.

I can recall only a couple questions that actually tested on basic biology knowledge that a student would have after taking the course.

The rest of the questions were basic common sense science questions that honestly could have been properly answered by an eighth grader.

Assuming this exam is to test the basic knowledge of biology students, I see the test as pointless and a waste of time.

Either the test difficulty needs to be raised to truly test the knowledge of biology students, or there should simply not be an EOC.

With the EOC in its current state, it is not fulfilling its intended purpose, and I imagine the test is very expensive to issue every year.

Stephen Tameishi

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