Big brothers, little sisters enjoy special bonds

By John Pierre | Dec 04, 2013

Big brothers and little sisters; are they compatible?  When they are young and going through the difficult teen years, maybe not.  But in the long run, they are appreciative and loving of each other.

There is a woman, Fay, (sometimes called "rubber legs" when she was a kid) who once was bounced on my knee, and Keith, who was three years her elder (and was often called "K Dub" because his middle initial was W) became inseparable as time wandered along.

Their closeness now, with her just reaching 70 and he at about 73, is the point of this story.  Their strong feelings for each other and the fond memories through the years have continued to increase with time.

Other than their childhood years, they never lived close to each other, but in spirit they were always the "big" brother and "little" sister.  Keith spent several seasons fishing in Alaska until he decided to beach himself to become the head machinist in a cannery there.

At the same time, Fay raised four kids to adulthood while she and her minister husband pastored a church near Bremerton.  All of their children became highly respected adults.

Fay tells a story about their youth when Keith seemed to enjoy scaring her.  At 11 or 12 years of age, he once scared Fay by saying, "See that chicken there?  If it moves in the next five minutes, I'm gonna jump down the outhouse toilet."

She was terrified, and ran to report to her mother that Keith was going to jump down the two-holer.  The much-worried mother ran out to see Keith standing with a silly grin.  Mom didn't find the event silly or humorous in any way, and did a fair job of scolding her errant son.

Events such as when teenaged Keith and his friend, Joe, had positioned a stuffed, very-human-like scarecrow in the middle of the road between McKenna and Yelm, weren’t unusual for the pair.

Some "hot rodders" used that road to practice "speed shifting," and one of these was Dirk (well known to have a few belts of "hooch" in his body). He rocketed along that road heading toward Yelm, while Keith and Joe hid underneath the small train overpass and laughed their bottoms off when Dirk hit the dummy and thought it was a person.  It seems that Dirk sobered up very quickly, and the culprits were never found out.

Keith and Joe were likened unto the "Dukes of Hazard" as they found themselves having to turn at high speed onto a forest service road with "po-leece" hot on their trail, sirens screaming.  Somehow they managed to avoid capture more than once under similar circumstances.

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