BID formed without consent | Letter

Aug 21, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to fellow business owners:

It is stated on the Edmonds Business Improvement District website in the minutes of June 12, that my business is “closing.” It is not.

Obviously, the people running this show no nothing about legal exposure.

We are being taken to the cleaners by the Edmonds BID, plain and simple.

The Edmonds BID was based on lies, read the facts. There is much more, which may be released in a very short time.

The Edmonds BID is assessing the business owners within the Edmonds BID at a rate that is up to 350 percent higher than the University Business Improvement Area.

All the while, the property owners, intentionally excluded in Edmonds, are not being assessed, and the business owners are being over charged.

So, if you thought you were paying too much ... You were right!

There are 23 businesses being sent out for collection for non-payment of the Bid assessment.

This type of retaliatory greed displayed by the directors of the Edmonds BID needs to be put to an end; the Edmonds BID needs to be closed.

If you think the Edmonds BID was formed by the consent of your signature, you are sadly in the wrong, your legal rights were violated.

It was a straight tax put into place by trickery and deception of not only the Edmonds business owners, but also intentional deceit of the Edmonds City Council.

The assessments you are paying are in violation of Washington State Law.

If you are opposed to the Edmonds BID, and want the Edmonds BID closed, the right to close the BID is the business owners legal right under Washington State Law, there is a petition being circulated to close the BID.

All the best, and my business is not going anywhere.


Brent Malgarin, G.G.

Elegant Gems, Ltd.



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