Beware one-eyed scoundrels on the road

By John Pierre | Oct 31, 2013

Well heck!  Somebody managed to crunch my car.   It wasn't me… honest Your Honor.  It must have been some other one-eyed guy who managed to tangle with another car.  If you believe that, you're the only one to whom I've told that tale who does.

What we used to call a fender-bender is now a different matter entirely.  I don't ever see a car with a fender unless it is being displayed at our well-known auto show on Main Street in beautiful downtown Edmonds.  These days it's a quarter-panel-bender and rear-door-bender.

Enter Mike McGinness of Allstate at 214 Main Street here in Edmonds.  He and his highly professional, talented staff were very understanding (although they didn't understand my story as related above) and were quick to offer an encouraging pat on the head (reminds me of being a little boy when I fell off my bicycle and Mama soothed my wounded feelings).

After obtaining certain relevant information from me, they provided an adjuster to take care of my car's ills and take over the claim for the damages to the other car.  A fantastic agency among the thousands of Allstate offices in this and other countries.

After being asked about a nearby auto repair shop, they offered two or three in our local area.  I recognized one of them quickly as some other one-eyed guy had caused a previous damage to my car… the varlet!

I had been greatly pleased with their earlier repair and their cordiality, and was quick to select Absolute Auto Body just about a mile north of our 196th and Highway 99 intersection in Lynnwood and on the west side of 99… located almost immediately south of Mercedez-Benz.

These folks make you feel like family.  In fact, if you elect to occupy their sofa in front of their big screen TV, you might just doze off it is so comfortable.  It's a fantastic place, but most importantly their final repair results are faultless.  I can't say enough about their attention to every detail.

Upon arrival there, you will always be greeted by either Troy Peterson or Rich Eicher (owner and manager respectively).

Don't go around letting some one-eyed scoundrel crunch your car, but if it unfortunately happens, rest easy.  Absolute Auto Body will make it like new as soon as possible.

And if you are properly insured, as I was with Allstate (since 1964), all your troubles will be behind you.  I'm truly thankful for Allstate's quick action to settle the claim and for Absolute Auto Body's work.

OK, you caught me.  I can't always be curmudgeonly… sometimes I try to act almost like a plain ol' man who appreciates good service.

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