Beware of never-ending studies

Dec 24, 2013


I appreciated Paul Archipley’s coverage of the City Council’s discussion of emergency access to the waterfront whenever a train kills someone or derails near Edmonds.

I am not debating the value of a single human life, but wonder what we will get for a $2 million study.

I am a cynic when it comes to government-run “studies” because their findings typically call for a panel charged with analyzing the series of grant probabilities that may fund another series of studies… ad nauseum!

If emergency access is so vitally important, then please ACT! Place a fire engine and EMT with a 1st rate go-kit in the Port parking lot until the restaurants close.  You could do that this afternoon!

My guess is $2 million would cover the salary, benefits and mileage for a few years, and who knows, by then Olympia might have concluded their study.

Mike Montgomery

Montgomery & Associates

Disaster Recovery Planning

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