Betty Mueller was one-of-a-kind

Dec 18, 2013


My friend Betty Mueller passed on awhile back. Betty was a wonderful friend to me. We had a great bond.

She talked, I listened, and when she told me to do something, I almost always did it. As a matter of fact, she never asked me to do anything I was sorry about.

I knew Betty since about 1988 when she asked me to work on Syd Lock's campaign for City Council. Betty and I quickly became friends for life.

Betty and I were both serving on Mayor Laura Hall’s think tank when Betty decided that we needed a new police station. She explained that the female police officers had to change into their uniforms behind the men's lockers, and that was not acceptable, and we had better do something about it.

When we visited the fire station and saw the working conditions for the firemen, she decided we better replace those also. Problem was the only people on the council that were in favor at that time were ex Mayors Haakenson and current Mayor David Earling.

Mayor Hall was supportive but did not have a vote on the council. The vote was 2 for floating a bond issue, 5 against.

Those odds would slow down most folks. Not Betty.

Next thing, Betty calls me to say she has scheduled a televised news conference in my meeting room for the next day, and I better get ready. Ha! Reporters from several newspapers showed up along with Connie Chung from King 5 news.

Betty looked right into the camera and told everybody in the region about the deplorable conditions currently in the  Edmonds City buildings and that they should all be condemned.

The bond issue passed by 73 percent. Betty Mueller was the most responsible person in Edmonds in regards to getting our civic center, police station and two fire stations built.

She was also a founding member of the Edmonds Fire Foundation, and had a hand in getting the Police Foundation going. She was among the original group that formed our watchdog agency Alliance for Citizens of Edmonds affectionately referred to as ACE.

Betty asked her family not to make a big deal out of her passing. But she never said that to me.

I loved Betty Mueller for many reasons. Her honesty, integrity and generosity were absolutely without question. How about we hear it next week from some of her friends.

Let’s do our own memorial right here in the Beacon for our friend Betty Mueller.

Dave Page


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