Bernheim ‘a strong compromise candidate’

Jan 22, 2014


I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Bernheim on the Edmonds City Council for several years. Therefore I support Steve Bernheim for the vacancy on council.  Steve is the perfect candidate for the position.

This is because I believe Steve Bernheim can specifically help continue the council’s work immediately without his needing to get “up to speed.”  He already has detailed knowledge about the workings of the city, how projects get created and, more importantly, how they get funded/finished.

He has worked (very well) with the present council members. He is the perfect candidate.

Steve would be a very capable addition to the current council.  He would ensure council business moves forward without any hiccups.

Past & current projects:

• Opposed increases in council member and/or mayoral pay.

• Helped start the “Tree Board."

• Helped create the Edmonds “Transportation Benefit District” for local transit needs.

• Supported putting in place a $500 limit on campaign contributions for local elections.

• Helped establish environmental ‘sustainability’ as a criterion for the city’s comprehensive planning.

• Supported ordinance allowing downtown wall murals.

• Supported ordinance allowing for outdoor dining.

• Helped add 12 more sites to the Edmonds Historic Register of history properties.

• Current board member, Edmonds Senior Center Board.

• Current board member, Sustainable Edmonds.

Personal qualifications:

• Steve thoroughly researched and solicited input from many groups and constituents on topics before council, before making a voting decision.

• Steve always came to council meetings thoroughly prepared, organized and ready for substantive discussion.

• Steve, through his many years as an attorney, is a professional when working through adversity and bringing issues to a fair conclusion.

• His natural inclination is to bring people together, not drive them apart.

• Steve, basically, loves Edmonds.

This is an important year, and the Edmonds City Council needs a strong compromise candidate, and that's Steve Bernheim.

Michael Plunkett

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