Beach box toys need to be returned

By Gretchen Jolly | Apr 14, 2013


While on a walk through Marina Park a few weeks ago, I looked into the beautiful toy box put there last fall by a Girl Scout troop and found that it was almost empty.

This saddened me a great deal as earlier this year it was more than half full of beach toys.

I even retuned to put some in there only to find that my next trip down there they were gone and so was much of the contents of the box.  What a shame that folks using these toys do not put them back for other children to play with.

Guess people do not teach their children how to share. There is even a note on the box asking for the items to be returned.

I hope the people of Edmonds respond and fill the box for summer fun.

I am sure we all have  "beach toys" sitting around that could  go into the box.



Gretchen Jolly

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