Be on the lookout for Edmonds daffodil picker | Letter

Apr 16, 2017

My Driftwood Lane neighbor was irate when I told her what I saw last week. She insisted I write this letter to the editor to alert all good citizens there has been foul play on our streets of Edmonds.

In fact, all my neighbors were really upset when I told them what I witnessed. They are angry I didn't act, so this letter is my attempt at redemption.

I was driving home from the gym last week one morning when I spotted her. As I drove past the landscaped island, I noticed a blonde, suburbanite-type lady in blue baseball cap had parked her blue compact car in the single lane off 196th Street SW.

This is to the west of Olympic View Drive where it ends at Ninth Avenue North at the stop sign. That alone was rude enough and illegal. She was even blocking a car behind hers.

But then I noticed she had just cut down a big handful of beautiful daffodils from the city of Edmonds property.

This mindless opportunist had a big smile on her face as she got back into her car. The drivers behind her had puzzled looks on their faces.

She caught me off guard as I drove past. After I passed, I thought I should have blocked her exit, taken photos of her license plate, called 911 and scolded her for stealing city property meant for all to enjoy.

Then I could have waited for Edmonds 5-0 to arrive to slap some bracelets on her wrists, book her and escort her to a cold, dark cell, without the floral decorations I would hope, to contemplate her devilish and selfish deeds.

Who is this evildoer? Do you know who came home last week with a bunch of ill-gotten daffodils?

We just can't have everyone picking city flowers of the early spring, after our long cold winter, whenever they please, or we all lose out on one of our special joys provided by our great city of Edmonds.

Glenn Steinberg


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