Attracting money to Edmonds

By Shirley Oczkewicz | Mar 08, 2013


Regarding the redevelopment of Harbor Square, this is the time for our leaders to be creative rather than followers of a preexisting proposal just because it exists.

Since drawing money to Edmonds seems the prime motivator, what could more attract money and people than extending the marsh so that it could meander in a more natural way?

Why does it need to be limited by its present "boxed-in" rectangular boundary?  Why couldn't HS co-exist (with some alterations) as the waters are allowed to trail into the man-made areas?

Instead of fighting liquefaction by over-building, let's work with it in a respectful way.

Perhaps a watery entrance and exit between Puget Sound and the marsh could even be opened as it meanders north between the buildings and connects with the beach.

Expensive changes?  Yes, but perhaps not more expensive than the current proposal and hopefully without so much divisiveness.

It seems the return on the money spent would be for all of Edmonds rather than just the current stakeholders of the current plan.

I close with Councilmember Joan Bloom's words, "Edmonds is a gift, let's show our appreciation", and let's show it with the priorities we choose.


Shirley Oczkewicz


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Posted by: john dolan | Jun 16, 2013 17:40

Shirley, what are you talking about?

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