ASCAP fees ensure compensation | Letter

Apr 21, 2017

I read with interest and dismay the front-page story of the April 13 issue, “Tuned out, turned off.”

As a former working professional musician as well as a music educator, I am extremely disappointed that Café Louvre (or any other establishment, for that matter) was unwilling to pay the most reasonable ASCAP fee. Musicians and all artists deserve to be paid for their services.

According to the article, the music evidently contributed to an atmosphere that likely induced customers to visit the café and spend money there. ASCAP funding helps ensure that composers, authors and publishers receive back some compensation for their work, and it is a reasonable expectation for music venues large or small to contribute to such payments.

The fee involved was just $1 per day. Certainly Café Louvre averaged more than $1 per day from customers drawn to the establishment by the music. Both the performing musicians and the writers of the music performed deserve compensation.

ASCAP licensing fees simply spread the royalties that would otherwise be charged across the many composers and arrangers who created the music in the first place. It is a reasonable and rather simple way to acknowledge those who create the music we all enjoy.

Bruce Caldwell


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