Are you ready for the coal trains?

Feb 13, 2014


According to Tyler Schroeder, the Whatcom County Environmental Planner:

If approved, Whatcom County near Cherry Point will have a coal storage plant.

The coal will be transported from Wyoming/North Dakota to Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Everett, and eventually to Cherry Point Whatcom County area for distribution.

Most likely, our customers to purchase the coal will be from Asia such as China.

The coal load will be extreme. In one day, a total of nine trains will go to Cherry Point. and nine trains will return from Cherry Point.

That is a grand total of about 18 trainloads in one day.

Due to the heavy volume of coal transportation, most likely the travel will be done in the late night hours.

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Once approved, the project can start as soon as less than five years.

This action may greatly decline the value of residential properties along the waterfront.

There is also great concern of environmental hazards to health due to coal dust particles in the air.

The coal dust will pollute nearby residential communities and waterways.

Coal dust is well known for lung cancer.

For questions contact Tyler Schroeder, Whatcom County Environmental Planner, 360-676-6907 extension 50202


Jeff Schumacher

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