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Feb 24, 2017

As a resident of Edmonds, I am appalled at the poll posted online in the Edmonds Beacon on Feb 9. I am not sure why the editors decided to facilitate such a medium for hate speech. In the current environment, why would a public newspaper encourage hate towards marginalized group(s)?

You can try to justify your actions by speaking to the idea that the questions you are asking are “tough questions,” and perhaps you consider this challenging journalism. However, it is far from the platform for pointing out our differences that I am willing, and I hope others, to support.

Did you lack the foresight to verse the question as “Do you support churches or places of worship which are inclusive for all people?” The question your poll asked is cloaked in homophobia. Is this how your paper wants to be represented?

I also challenge your claim that you would ask the question and instead of “gay” you would say, “Muslim.” Really? It is time to “Unpack your Invisible Knapsack,” as put forth by Peggy McIntosh, and face your “color blindness.”

Polls, such as the ones your paper/social media promoted punish marginalized people and make it an unsafe environment for those who already feel excluded.

As a journalist, one of the most challenging factors is not reporting the stories, rather facing your own limitations. Apologize, don’t justify your actions.

Donna Murphy


Editor’s note: The poll question was asked in conjunction with an article on an Edmonds church, which openly welcomes gay people, that has seen four of its gay-pride flags stolen. Asking sometimes difficult, uncomfortable questions is a journalist's job. The Beacon stands by its poll question and its editorial.


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