Apartment complex not a good idea

By Fran Simonsen | May 24, 2012


I sent the following letter to the Project Manager, Council

Representative, Deputy Executive and Director of PDS for Snohomish County:

I am writing regarding the proposed 93 unit Crossroads Apartment Complex planned at 14808-48th Ave. West.

As a not too distant neighbor to this address, I do not relish the thought of so much more traffic on 148th or 48th.

Both streets have much traffic on them already to where it is dangerous for pedestrians to try crossing, especially children or the elderly in order to catch a bus.

Or difficulty entering onto 148th when the traffic is especially congested.

I am also concerned about flooding potential as we've had problems with excess water in this area in the past and the ground it not conducive to absorption.

I would like to see studies done on traffic and flood potential... with results furnished to those of us who would be impacted greatly from this plan.

I have not received any information about these plans from those involved.

As you undoubtedly know, this area is quite densely populated already, with little or no public areas.

Wouldn't it be terrific if somehow that property could be saved and turned into a neighborhood park sometime in the future?

We count on you people to consider all possibilities to make our neighborhood safer, with space for gathering in order to foster neighborhood cohesiveness... instead of just more overcrowding in an already overcrowded area.

I will look forward to hearing what plans are proposed from this point on.

Feel free to contact me for any reason you might think helpful in defeating this plan... or even explaining to me why it shouldn't be defeated.


Fran Simonsen


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