Anti-environmetalists lack vision | Letter

Jul 31, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

The local anti-environmentalists again smugly refuse to give us any vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future.

No reference to the successes of renewables, or heaven forbid, the complex array of solar, geo- and wind that are successfully harnessed by those who are reluctant to use, waste and exploit.

No mention of pollution – or the successes of environmentalists in limiting it, or the growing efficiency and lowering cost of renewable energy.

Meanwhile, while Washington ranks fifth in crude oil refining, no thought of how we might use less oil, be less dependent on foreign oil, or less vulnerable to train wrecks and other spills.

If only Washington could use less motor gasoline on our over-crowded streets and highways. But oil buffs don’t care. There is only one way to go forward: more, more, more.

Boeing, Washington’s top producer of airplanes, is constantly searching for ways to achieve greater efficiency.

Oil transport by rail is dangerous. Necessary, but much in need of being made safer.

To be an Edmonds brown – or perhaps black – must mean to forge ahead with no regard to the future, or to a clean or quiet environment, or to go by SUV to the same Starbucks where those much-despised environmentally conscious folks park their fuel-efficient cars (or walk, or bike), and to pollute and exploit away [“Greening Edmonds starts with individuals,” The Beacon, Letters, page 5, July 24].

Let somebody else, some other day, deal with the clean up or the development of new energy sources. Après moi, le déluge!


Nathaniel Brown



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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Aug 05, 2014 09:43

“It’s easy to doubt the effects of climate change – especially if you’re a Republican or a dedicated Fox News watcher. It’s an abstract concept easily “disproven” by the first cold day, and Republican-driven policies (or the lack thereof) to address it reflect just that. But it’s more difficult to deny the causes of smelly green goop washing up on a lakeshore or sticking to your toes.”


Puget Sound shellfish dying from acidic water, goo in Lake Erie…  When will climate change deniers and pro-pollutionists wake up and take some responsibility for what we are doing to the planet?  Even more – what are they doing to do about it?  Add more coal trains, probably… and keep their heads buried as deep in the sand – or should I say “piles of cash” – as possible?

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