Another Northwest wonder

Aug 02, 2013
Courtesy of: Mary-Claire Miller A majestic eagle managed to draw attention without even trying on a recent Saturday.

Northwesterners rightfully feel a little smug about having eagles as part of the local fauna. But we still get excited when we see one.

That was certainly true on July 27 when a large eagle perched proudly on a pine tree above the corner of Sunset Avenue and Edmonds Way.

It barely acknowledged the crows and seagulls that were cawing and screeching and otherwise doing their best to give it grief.

It also attracted quite a crowd of two-legged creatures, including Mary-Claire Miller, who was returning home from a walk on the beach when she spotted the national bird.

“The eagle and the aerial theatrics of the crows and gulls drew quite a crowd, with not only walkers but people pulling over in their cars,” Miller said.

She submitted some photos to the Beacon, giving readers a taste of the wonder a lucky few got to watch on that gorgeous summer day.

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