Andy Eccleshall completes final piece for Mural Society

Sep 12, 2013
Changing Times

The third and final mural being raised by the Edmonds Mural Society this summer has just been completed.

The mural, called Changing Times, was painted by local muralist Andy Eccleshall on 4th Avenue, just north of Main Street next to Embellished.

"This is a great day for Edmonds and our murals," EMS director Jeff Stilwell said.

"Our three newest murals happily meet our goal of achieving the widest range of styles possible.

"There is something for everyone," he added.

Changing Times, painted in a deep perspective style, has the viewer standing at the fountain at the intersection of 5th and Main, looking toward the water, we begin a walk back through time.

Closest to the fountain is present day, in full color and a new car.

Moving back a bit, the cars get older, and the businesses they are parked in front of have the names they were at that time.

Moving further back yet, we finally end up in the water with the steam ships passing by.

The two other murals painted this summer also reflect the historical theme of Changing Times, which members voted on last fall.

The first one painted this summer is at 514 Fifth Avenue South on the wall of Edmonds Frame Design & Atelier.  It faces the parking lot of the Pancake Haus and other businesses.

Entitled Sebastes Malliger (aka Quillback Rockfish), it was painted by Edmonds artist Mona Smiley-Fairbanks.

This native fish was once very plentiful in our waters.  Over time, their numbers have dwindled.  Efforts are now underway to restore their numbers to healthier levels.

This mural includes a QR code on the lower right.  If you have a smart phone, you can point it to the QR code, which will take you to a website with information about these efforts.

Coastal Companion, by Ellen Clark, is painted in the alley half a block north of the fountain on 5th Avenue North.  It's across the alley from the Edmonds Historical Museum.

In this mural, Changing Times are apparent as we begin on the far left with structures used by the original human inhabitants of this region.  Later, explorers came along and liked what they saw.  Thus followed logging and fishing industries.

The ferry moves us forward in time even further.  Finally, Ellen takes us ahead into a possible future, with the Transound Walkway on the right.

The Edmonds Mural Society is funded entirely by Edmonds citizens.  Anyone can become a member for $20 per year.

"When many people help a little bit, we can do a lot," Membership Director Manya Vee said.  All donations cover the cost of paint, supplies and artist stipends.

Members are eligible to help select each year's theme, based on the three goals of celebrating the people, beauty and history of Edmonds.

Members also select a favorite from each year's new murals to win a "Members Choice Award."

Become a member online at, or mail a check or drop by 409 Main St. in downtown Edmonds.

More information available at 425-776-3778.

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