…and if you believe that, want to buy a bridge?

By John Pierre | Apr 24, 2014

Some advertising agency from years gone by, anxious to create more advertising dollars, apparently created the thought that repetition is necessary to effective advertising.  Probably there is a modicum of truth in that, but it appears that it has been used to a revolting degree.

Being a televisionaholic, I spend a great deal of time in front of the boob tube (permissible at 80 years old) when I'm not investigating the nuances of my computer.  Repetitious ads are giving me a pain in the neck.

I'm not suggesting that these ads are something less than honest (tho they probably are); it's just that they are too many and too often.  Every three or four minutes of any, sometimes enjoyable, programming you are likely to hear, "Hi, I'm Marie and I've lost 50 pounds."

I wouldn't presume to know if the "before" picture has been photo-shopped, but I find it hard to believe that it has not since the pose is identical to the "after" one.  Sometimes it doesn't even appear to be the same person.

Then, she goes on to explain that her sponsor is offering a freebie that purports to cause you to lose five pounds in a week.  They are careful to cover their claim by adding, "with regular exercise."

Quicken Loans invites you to get "harped."  Why does that make me think of an innocent whale minding his own business on the high seas?  They claim that if you owe $300,000 on your home, but it's only worth $150,000, they may be able to help you.  You betchum Red Ryder.

Then, along comes Johnny Bench for Blue Emu.  He claims to use it, and he finishes his spiel with, "And you won’t stink."  Disgusting.

"Hi, I'm William Devane.  What's in your safe?"  Most of us are concerned with what remains in our wallet, Billy, not what's in our safe.

How about the hair growth commercial where a woman says, "I feel beautiful!"  Whoever hired her for her short presentation must not have noticed that you can park a Volkswagen between her front teeth.

What seems like 42 times a day, Fred Thompson is featured, strolling down the sidewalk and touting AAG for a reverse mortgage.  I used to like Thompson, but I'm getting real tired of this same ad over and over again each day.

I happen to enjoy the thought of a reverse mortgage at my age, but I can see where some may shy away from it just because of this repetitious ad.

I recognize that someone has to pay for TV time, and guess who that someone is?  Gullible viewers, that's who.

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