An Edmonds poem

By Jessica Holliday | Apr 26, 2012

An Edmonds poem


Does anyone remember that happy little town?

With the sparkling waterfront and smiling faces

There were many fun community activities,

Stage performances and art shows


Then one day there was a rumble and a roar

It went on like that morning, noon and night

Their clean air gave way to a dark, dark cloud

The smiles became frowns and coughs


People said “this is not good for my family”

They packed up and moved far away

Businesses saw customers steadily disappear

Boarded up stores fronts were a common sight


City revenues diminished and were no more

Roads crumbled and fell to disrepair

Emergency services could not be funded

What did it matter?

The happy little town had become a GHOST TOWN


Jessica Holliday


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