AHHH SPRING, the garbage is on the wing

By Francine Cohen | Apr 29, 2013


Wait a second, is that how this poem goes?  The answer is YES!

I am out with my scooper, plastic bag and gloves, as usual on my two/three days of walking down by the waterfront, and I'm finding way too much stuff for one/two bags.

I'm picking up after you idiots, and feeling very grumpy with you.

Butts, poop, beverage and fast food containers are left everywhere, and the crows are having a picnic.

What's the matter with society, and what didn't you learn about town/personal pride while growing up.

Thank goodness I'm not your mother.  Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My woid, how absoid, this joke is on you, and not the boid.


Francine Cohen


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