Ah yes, the elections | Mayor's Corner

By Dave Earling, mayor of Edmonds | Aug 27, 2015

I had several folks in the community wondering aloud earlier this month, when they received their primary election ballot, why there were so few names on the ballot and why none regarding local Edmonds races?

A fair question and the answer has a couple of reasons.

The first reason: If a candidate’s office is non-partisan, and there is either no opposition or there are only two non-partisan candidates, the names will not appear in the primary election. The names will only appear in the general election in November.

If the race is, however, partisan, all names in a race would appear on the primary ballot, even if there is only one candidate. An example of this is only one person filed for our district’s County Council position, and her name and party preference were on the primary ballot.

Also, if there are three or more candidates for a non-partisan position, all names are on the primary ballot, with the goal of reducing the number of candidates to two for the general election. An example of this was found in one of our Edmonds School Board races.

In the coming weeks, you will see more and more evidence of the coming November elections. There will be forums, doorbelling from various candidates and supporters, letters to the editor, ads in local media, mailings from candidates, and signs most everywhere!

We do have important races to consider for Snohomish County, the City of Edmonds, the Edmonds School District and Fire District 1. Many of them are contested.

While the visibility of local races will, thankfully, be lower profile than what we are already seeing for next year’s federal and state elections, it is still important to pay attention as you will be in charge of selecting leadership for the next four years in all of the above mentioned jurisdictions.

Let's face it – our countywide voter turnout in the primary election was absolutely abysmal. Granted, there were not many races close to home, but there will be little excuse for not voting in the general election.

Many of the countywide races, local city positions, and positions on the school board and Fire Districts will help shape the future for our children, the community and public safety.

All of the candidates care deeply about the body of government they wish to represent. Running for public office is not an effort they take lightly. And, I often think of a quote I heard from a candidate a few years back – “I'm not in this for practice."

I hope you will take the time to study the various candidates and issues before you make your choices. The candidates will be working hard (It really is hard work!) to get his or her message out ... and then it's your turn.


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