Adrienne supports open, transparent government

Oct 31, 2013


Attention:  Edmonds voters!  Do you want a city council person who consistently votes against raising building heights?

Do you want a council representative who considers a wide variety of citizen opinions before voting on city legislation?

Then vote for Adrienne Fraley-Monillas!

Do you want a city council person who votes for development within the existing comprehensive plan and who works for development that protects our environment as well as preserving Edmonds’ "small town" atmosphere?

Then vote for Adrienne Fraley-Monillas!

Adrienne is devoted to democratic procedures for accessible, transparent government.

She works collaboratively for cost decreasing efficiencies and knows that the business of the city is to provide services.

Adrienne cares about ordinary people in all of Edmonds.  We need her on the Edmonds City Council.

For Position 3, vote for Adrienne Fraley-Monillas!

Rowena  Miller


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Posted by: john dolan | Nov 05, 2013 18:02

Right on Rowena!!

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