A wrinkle in time | Letter

May 24, 2017

What a special privilege to live in a little town with a weekly newspaper to help keep us up-to-date on Edmonds happenings.

And to have a voice to speak those issues of heart – per Steve Keeler’s letter in the Beacon concerning the election outcome: yay Steve!

There is still so much moaning and wailing by the “donkey party.” Every day, Channel 4 has an AM panel of women growing old and getting wrinkled from being election-sour. How about we buck up and pray for Washington and all of its goings-on, and live on.

Every four years someone is let down. Keep looking up, America.

Linda Danielson


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | May 25, 2017 11:03

It is amazing that the “elephant party” is so bothered by the “moaning and wailing” of the Democrats.  One would think it worries them that so many Americans – a majority in fact, if the election means anything – are convinced that the direction Trump is taking America is deeply wrong.  It feels as if, by dismissing dissent at “moaning and wailing” they are trying to convince themselves that it is somehow okay to ignore the strongly held views of their fellow citizens.  When it becomes necessary to denigrate opposition as growing old and wrinkled, one suspects that Ms. Danielson and such of her friends as Mr Keeler have nothing to fall back on, nothing to offer, but disdain.  In fact, I personally know quite a few young people who are aghast and working hard to preserve the America they believe in, and far from “moaning and wailing,” or growing old and wrinkled, have bucked up and are looking for a better future for our country.

How about we don’t pray for all the “goings-on” in Washington, but rather pray for honesty, humility,  and compassion in government, and hope that in four years we may have a government  respecting ALL Americans and their views?  Now THAT would be looking up!

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