A truly magical theory .

By steven d keeler | Feb 19, 2014


But wait: a quite separate theory, currently causing great excitement in the warmosphere, makes the latest in a series of desperate attempts to explain away the pesky little fact that, since the late 1990s, there has been no increase in global warming even though Co2 levels have continued to rise. This new theory, advanced by Professor Matthew England in Nature, states that temperatures have remained static because the surface of the oceans is cooler. Apparently this is because (wait for it) strong trade winds have pushed atmospheric heat down into the oceans, leaving their surface cool. As a result, global warming has, er, paused.

So the Met Office is saying storms have been caused by the oceans being warm; but the Nature paper says global warming has paused because the oceans are cool. So are the seas –when they are not rising through all that ice melting into them – getting cooler or warmer ?


Amazing !



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