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By John Pierre | Jun 05, 2014

I have written, from time to time, about restaurants either new to the area or that I thought provided exceptional service, good food and a friendly atmosphere.

I haven't, however, spent any time writing about fast food operations either in or near Edmonds.  What's to write about?  Everybody knows and frequents these establishments, and pretty well knows what to order that satisfies their palate.

Since we don't cook anymore (After 60 years of cooking, my wife just got tired of it, and I'm no good at it.), we rely on frozen and canned food or a certain "fast food" outlet.

There is a "fast food" place that I'm compelled to write about.  Near to where we live there is a Subway outlet that we visit often.

There was a time, a few years ago, when you couldn't pay me enough to go into this particular Subway after a couple of distressing visits.  The place was staffed by young people with green hair, nose rings, lower lip rings and facial pimples.  I swore off Subway for years as a result.

Recently, after years of avoiding this place, I took a shot at Subway again.  What a pleasant surprise.  The multi-colored hair was gone, and there was nary a nose ring in sight.  Further, the staff was well trained, friendly and expert at making any one of a whole flock of sandwiches of your choice and to your individual specifications.

Your sandwich can either be toasted or not depending upon your wish.

The price is right, and they offer many fresh and delightful options with speed and absolute cleanliness.  The only person not wearing a surgical-type glove is the one operating the cash register.

During a particularly busy time, if one of the persons who otherwise creates your tasty sandwich is called upon to operate the case register… off comes the gloves for that moment only to be immediately put back on before touching any of the many fresh ingredients for the next customers.

I don't know what brought about these changes, but I suspect not only an ownership change but certainly the local management person.

The end result is that I highly recommend the Subway at 196th and 76th in Edmonds to anyone who craves an occasional sandwich… or sammitch as it is known in certain parts of our country.

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