A Sports Smorgasbord!

By John McAlpine | Oct 27, 2013
Photo by: John McAlpine Safeco Field

A Sports Smorgasbord

By; Obnoxious John



This time of year, if you are a sports fan like me, is pretty close to ideal. The World Series is being played, though the powers that be ought to figure a way to have the Series wrapped up by Oct 15th. Playing a summer game a month into fall, at night, is not the best showcase for the sport. In keeping with a theme I blame Bud Selig. But I am enjoying this years edition regardless.


College football is in mid stride, as are the professionals, high school athletes compete in several different sports, hockey has begun and basketball is close to starting.

Well, maybe I could leave that last one out. At least at the professional level. If you are a Sonics fan, it still hurts and I suspect Bud Selig had something to do with that too.


Speaking of the World Series and baseball, with the news that Eric Wedge is not returning I got busy thinking how to best solve the problem the Mariners have. The problem of winning more games than they lose, I mean. The last time they had real success, in 1995, they had a veteran manager. A manager who had won a World Series and was what the kids call 'old school.'


It seems Eric Wedge was that type too, focused and intense. Maybe too intense as he ended up with a serious medical problem that may be part of the reason he isn't returning. But no matter what happened to create the vacancy, the issue is now; who to hire?


Not everyone agrees with me but I think the M's have a chance to be much better next year. The area they need to work on most, in my opinion, is the part of the game that takes place between the ears. I was never convinced they were fully engaged, as a team, in the contest. It looks to me like the talent is there. The age of the team is good. They have some pitching and the bullpen, well, let's talk about that later.


The point is it seems another 'old school' type manager is the best bet to turn the team around and there happens to be one of those kind of managers looking for work. I suggest the M's hire Dusty Baker.



Now get out there and take one for the team!



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