A soggy trip, just in time for family | Home Again

By Joanne Peterson | Nov 07, 2016

A recent trip to northern Idaho to visit my son and family provided a long overdue opportunity to spend time with my 13-year-old granddaughter Annika and to watch her final eighth-grade volleyball games.

I agreed to be in Rathdrum, Idaho, by 2:45 p.m. Thursday, in time to attend Annika’s 3:30 game. I left Edmonds at 8:15 in the morning in drenching rain and drove toward I-90 via the 405 express lanes at the height of morning traffic.

I haven’t received a bill for the toll stretch of my drive, but I think “express” saved me a total of nine minutes, not exactly what I anticipated my investment would earn.

It rained harder with every mile, the deluge continuing nearly to Spokane. Truckers kept to a steady 70 mph, sending up mammoth sheets of water, effectively obscuring the vision of drivers in adjacent lanes. Nonetheless, I arrived by 2:45 and forgot my exhaustion as the family hurried off to watch Annika’s afternoon game.

Later, back at what I think of as The Farm, I greeted the Peterson dogs, Hanson and Jack, and a few of the cats. Jack is my favorite dog in the world, and I always threaten to take him with me when I leave for home.

Besides the two Australian shepherds, Annika listed the other current animals for me: two horses, River and Nick; three chickens, unnamed; two Guinea fowl, Dumb and Dumber – poor things; five cats, Puddin’, Jane, Axel, Sidney and Wendy; two pigs, Becky and Jerald, plus a soon-to-be-purchased steer, already named Leo – Annika’s 4-H project for next year.

The family’s country home provides a wholesome environment in which to raise a child.

Saturday, Annika’s parents and I attended her final volleyball tournament. My Idaho visit passed quickly. Sunday I drove home in light traffic and clear weather in time to watch the Seahawks game.

At the end of the week, I braved another downpour to drive to West Seattle to watch 7-year-old grandson Adam and a herd of soccer teammates slog through the muck. Considering that young boys enjoy stomping in puddles, it was surprising to witness their disgust at sliding about in pursuit of a slick brown soccer ball.

Whenever a player slipped and fell, he’d clamber up, oblivious to the action, and stand still, holding his hands out, staring in dismay at his muddy palms. From the sidelines, the coach would yell, “Just wipe your hands on your pants! You’re OK!”

The boys at one point became disorganized and inattentive. (They’re 7 years old!) Oblivious to encouragements and directions from their coach, they allowed the other team to race past them toward a goal. In desperation, the coach finally shouted, “IF YOU ARE WEARING PURPLE, PLAY DEFENSE!” Every spectator laughed.

A non-athletic event I’m looking forward to in Edmonds?

“Libraries Inspire Creativity!” is the theme of an Art Walk Edmonds event 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17, in the Plaza Room at the Edmonds Library. Sponsored by Friends of the Edmonds Library and Symetra, the event will feature library-inspired artistic creations: Poetry? Painting? Essay? Something else?

Imagine and create!

Those bringing entries will participate in a drawing for five Kindles. Everyone is welcome to view entries and enjoy live jazz and refreshments. More information available at the library.


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