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By Joanne Peterson | May 22, 2017

I recently spent the night in West Seattle with my 6-year-old granddaughter. It’s called a sleepover. We had a sleepover, just the two of us. Nobody says “slumber party” any more, by the way. Her brother was at a sleepover elsewhere, and her parents were gone for the night. I guess they were at a sleepover, too. So it was Abby and Grandma.

Before my daughter went out the front door, she bounded up the basement stairs with an armload of clean sheets, apologizing that she didn’t have time to get them onto the bed. “I don’t want to sleep in your room, anyway,” I said. “I’m going to sleep in Adam’s bed.”

Last time I visited, the children were in bunk beds, which they now and then traded, so if you thought you’d find a little girl in the bottom bunk, there’d be a boy instead, and the little girl would have climbed the ladder to sleep on the upper level.

Recently, the children decided they wanted two beds on floor level, so that’s the current arrangement.

During the afternoon, Abby and I did artsy stuff and played games. We ate lunch sitting in little kid chairs at the coffee table – Greek yogurt is as popular at Abby’s house as it is at Grandma’s, though the varieties of yogurts packaged for the lunch box set amazed me.

There’s a lot I don’t know about kid-food. Miniature bottles of yogurt to drink, for example. Anyway, we ate strawberries, crackers and cheese – and yogurt.

Next we went upstairs to Abby’s room. It really is Abby’s room, I think, as Adam doesn’t play there. He sleeps there, and that’s it. As Abby played Barbies on the carpet in the sunshine, I flopped down on Adam’s bed. It felt heavenly.

He has some sort of plushy action character blanket that called my name. I realized I had a headache. “Hey, Ab,” I said, trying not to sound pleading, “Why don’t we take a little nap?” She turned her blue gaze on me and said firmly, “Grandma. I don’t nap.” She resumed her doll-dressing. I suggested the doll might be more comfy on the bed. That worked. In five minutes Abby was asleep. In six minutes, I was asleep.

I woke up in two hours, feeling fine. Abby slept until I awakened her in four hours. We decided on a picnic, which we ate on a blanket on the living room floor, talking about imaginary cloud formations. I don’t recall what we ate! Then, as previously scheduled, I gave her a pedicure.

This involved setting up shop on a beach towel in the living room, with Abby sitting in a little chair. We soaked her feet in a mixing bowl of sudsy warm water to which I planned to add marbles for her to roll around with her feet.

Failing to find them, I threw in a handful of Adam’s small rubber dinosaurs, which she squished about with her toes. After the foot soak, I massaged her feet and legs with lotion, trimmed her toenails and applied the chosen pink polish.

Abby and I went to bed at the reasonable hour of 11 p.m., after watching our mutual TV choice of “House Hunters.” We awakened late on Sunday morning.

I think I like sleepovers.


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