A sad time for Edmonds

Jan 22, 2014


As I read the article about the finance director resigning (1/16/14), I can honestly say for the first time in my life I was ashamed and embarrassed to be a citizen of Edmonds (I was born and raised here).

Shame, shame, shame on every person involved in this type of petty and immature behavior. You have brought dishonor and shame to this beloved town and sullied the reputation of its citizens.

I hope everyone involved, on every level, takes a hard look in the mirror and does some sincere soul searching. Based on your past behavior I don't hold out hope.

My sense of shame is mixed with a lot of anger, but I will keep my anger in check and not spew it out into the conversation.

I would also request that the Beacon drop John Pierre's column. The tone of his writing is often to resort to name calling to those he disagrees with, using labels that are offensive and rude.

Pierre's column sets a tone - that says that insulting people you disagree with is acceptable - it is NOT acceptable. And it is NOT helpful.

I would also request that the Beacon NOT publish letters to the editor that resort to the same type of name calling behavior. Set some standards!!

What a sad time for Edmonds. What a shame.

Ted R. Neff


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