A lot of years gone by; mostly good ones

By John Pierre | Jan 22, 2014

As time passes by, stuff happens.  My wife and I married when we were just beyond being kids.  After the reception in the "Scout Cabin" in Yelm, in a grubby motel room just outside of Olympia on Highway 99, we were on our way to having our first child.

Connie was born before we reached our first anniversary.  She spent a number of years as a farm wife and raised two children.  Later she took on the task of attending to aged and handicapped people in a facility adjacent to the hospital in Othello, Washington.

Even later she became a grandmother of six.  Eventually she became handicapped herself and gets by on a monthly pittance provided by the Social Security Administration.

After we lost our second child, John Jr. was born and spent an interesting life.  After lurking about in a nuclear submarine for six years, he joined the police force, also in Othello.

After nearly 20 years, he was forced to retire early, as a sergeant, due to an affliction called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  It causes great pain at the slightest breeze.  He is the father of three children and grandfather of one (soon to be two) who is named John IV.  It made me especially proud to have my name carried on.  I can only hope the leetle varmint does better with the name than I did.

Then came David (he prefers Dave).  Upon his graduation from high school, he took a job as a "grunt" with a well-known cedar siding finishing company.  He worked on the "stain line."  At this writing he has been there close to 30 years and is now one of the owners of that company.

He is the father of two and the grandfather of one.  I'm fortunate that he lives close by (Mill Creek) so that we see him and his little granddaughter somewhat frequently.

Sooo ... time does slip by.  One day, when I was about 40, the thought crossed my mind that someday I would be 60 or 70.  Lo and behold, I woke up at what seems like the next morning and was indeed older ... not 60 or 70 but, can you believe it? .... 80.  By Jangies!  How did all of those years slip by?  I don't know, but I must have been busy because I didn't even notice their passing.

I think I enjoyed all of those years as we grew older.  We've seen our offspring off to a good start, and now we have a bunch of grandchildren and a whole gaggle of great grandchildren.

I wonder if one of these days. a couple of our great grandchildren (20+ years of age) might attach another "great" to our names.  Aaaarrrgggh! Stuff happens while your back is turned.

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