A look back: Halloween in downtown Edmonds

Scarecrow thieves can’t put a damper on the spirit of the day
By Brian Soergel | Nov 06, 2017
Photo by: Brian Soergel The Sindora family from Edmonds, from left: Julie, Felix, Scottie and Obi. They are the Thunderwings, modern-day warriors sent to Edmonds to protect mortals. (Said Julie: “The kiddo in red, Obi, created our characters on paper, my husband created their story, Felix named them, and I brought them to life.”)

There were plenty of treats on Halloween in downtown Edmonds during the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Trick-or-Treat bash, where store owners offered candy to youngsters all too happy to oblige (does it seem that adults outnumber kids these days?).

But there were some tricks leading up to the big day.

Vandals stole whole or parts of at least four scarecrows stationed outside businesses, created by merchants as part of the Edmonds Historical Museum’s annual scarecrow contest.

Good news: The chamber’s Executive Director, Greg Urban, stepped in to help.

Thieves swiped a dog scarecrow, made from flower pots, from the Edmonds Senior Center. Urban created a cute puppy to replace it.

Also, thieves stole emoji pumpkins from in front of Insurance Services Group’s display on Sixth and Main. Urban stepped up to replace those, as well.

When “Lovely Laura, the Lavender Lady,” dressed in lavender, of course, was swiped from Pelindaba Lavender, the store decided on revenge.

Enter "The Rise of the Lavender Lady," a wickedly ugly and creepy witch that took her place. A ceremony to honor the Lavender Lady’s triumphant rise drew many on hand to witness her wrath. Pelindaba, on Fifth Avenue North, is new in Edmonds, so this theft was particularly cruel.

Lavender store, know that Edmonds salutes you.

Finally, the amazing image of a skateboarder crashing into a pole, created by Intuitive Safety Solutions on Main Street by the ferry lanes, was ripped off.

“The first theft was of the skateboard we had securely attached to the display happened not even 24 hours after installing it,” Melinda Knight said. “Finally, the scarecrow crasher himself (was taken).”

Pranks by kids? Who knows? May their candy taste especially sour.


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