A good deal(er) for Edmonds

By John Pierre | Aug 01, 2013

When you think of the many supporters of various Edmonds activities, who comes to mind?

Campbell Nelson Volkswagen Nissan, of course.  They have been "everything Edmonds" for many years and have served the community with integrity and care.  Without their support (and that of others), many Edmonds programs and functions would not have seen the light of day... or dark of night.

My neighbors and friends, Geri and Don Westermann, recently purchased a used car (these days referred to as a "previously owned" car) from this 5-Star dealership.

They were so pleased by the transaction that they couldn't help but relate the story to me.

They are careful shoppers regardless of the item they are considering.  When it comes to an automobile, they are even carefuller (is that a  word?  Naaaah... more careful would be preferred grammar, I admit, but I have fun with words) and do not fall for the first thing that is appealing to their eyes.

They finally selected (after visiting various area dealerships) a certain Nissan SUV.  The vehicle had been masterfully detailed and appeared as if it were new.  The couple of requests made by the Westermanns were handled by the dealership willingly and quickly.

The two managing partners are Craig and Kurt Campbell.  Their father, the elder Campbell, is still invested in the family business though he retired a few years ago.

To list all of their community involvements in Edmonds and other areas would be an almost impossible task.  Just to mention a few that come to mind, the 4th of July Parade, the Taste of Edmonds, Edmonds Night Out and the Edmonds Car Show all receive their help and financial involvement.

They also are involved with various church organizations and are among the primary movers of "Jacob's Well," a facility for homeless women and their children, which is just opening with a few living quarters and aiming for 32 units in the near future... and growing.

Speaking of church activities, Campbell Nelson is the only dealership in this part of the country that has, as part of its staff, a full-time chaplain, Jay Halle, who has established personal relationships with each of the employees and offers counseling during difficult times as well as being responsible for the many community activities listed above along with many others not mentioned.

Campbell Nelson is a very innovative dealership that takes pride in willingly supporting dozens of charitable causes.  These fellow Edmonds neighbors aren't only Edmonds... but they ARE  Edmonds.

We are lucky to have them and their principles in our midst.  We, in Edmonds by the Sea, owe them a great deal of respect and gratitude.

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